Why Women’s Dress Do Not Have Pocket

You must have seen most women use handbags, but men do not seem to carry it until the baggage is too much. It is difficult to say that handbags are a hassle or a feature in women’s life. But, one of the major reasons for this to be included in their life is that they do not have a thing like Pockets. Why does this happen and what is the reason behind it, have you ever thought?

Due to the lack of pocket, the strange JUGAAD of luggage kept out

Most women do not have pockets in costumes. If there is, hardly a place to keep some items in addition to some discounted money. This nominal or visible pocket is also in western costumes i.e. in pants and trousers. Talk about Indian clothes, there are neither pockets nor scope for making pockets.

Perhaps this is the reason that Indian women have developed a technique to keep them trapped in their blouse to handle small things like mobile, small wallet or key. This may sound funny to hearing, but in the reality they forced to be like this.

Pocket was considered a masculine thing

Well, before complaining about this, it is important to know that before that we used not only women but also pockets of men’s clothing. In India, the practice of pocket is British, as well as discrimination. This trend was not available to the Indian women’s clothing, as in the West there was no custom to make pockets in women’s clothing.

In the Victorian era i.e. the reign of the British Empress Victoria, (1837-1903), the pocket was considered a mockery thing. Over time, in the traditional Indian clothes of men, pockets got a place, but in the case of a women it did not happen.

Behind this is the men’s mentality

One reason for this discrimination with women around the world is fashion. Fashion designers design costumes for females to showcase their body rather than their convenience. However, it also shows the men’s mentality, as if women look just as good as they do not have much of a utility.

After 1840 (if this time was considered to be the beginning of modern fashion), fashion designers were trying to design a large throat, a thin waist and a bottom-shaped skirt dress for women. This trend gradually became the foundation of fashion associated with women’s dress. According to this, women’s clothing should be demonstrated by raising their breast-hips-hips.

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