Tips To Kill Negative Thoughts

Are you a timid Person ? Enough of being timid  , diffident , pusillanimous, milquetoast ….  Wondering  why  I  depicted you as  “Pusillanimous” !  As only  pussies are fearful of everything it glances.   Now here you can become a fire-eating person  from these boosting ideas  and  interesting facts..

Researchers  have great belief that human  instincts and  beliefs  comes true on a fine day. Many living and dead examples are there in our world for this fact. Could anyone  believe that spider became the motivation for the emperor?  It’s true that spider has the great impact on Ghajini Mohammed, the emperor  who have been defeated for  seventeen times and then won the empire of central Asia  in the eighteenth battle. Ghajini Mohammed was mourning on his defeats of the battle at one of his rest place. At that moment  he noticed a spider weaving its net and it felt so many times . Yet it tried in egotistical manner and wrapped its net. This moment turned Ghajini Mohammed  as the ” Emperor”.  After noticing the spider , Ghajini had a superstitious belief  that  he would rule the empire by conquering it ,which turned as reality after several battles in 1023 AD. This is the fact that why every human must have superstitious beliefs over his victory. Everyone of  us must believe on our success and work  towards  it  with assertive mind. A person’s optimistic thought can lead  him towards his optimistic future.

May be it’s boring thing for  youngsters to  hear but  it helps to be egotistical. One must have good habits  to build up his confidence levels as sound body paves the way for sound mind. The person who desires to be fire-eating should not  drink, smoke and  follow good exercises. The trending exercise which can keep the body and mind in a sound manner is “Yoga”. Indian tradition which has turned as international routine’s of schools is Yoga. “Yoga ” is a physical exercise helpful in uniting the body and mind towards a motive.  Yoga can help a person to work persuasively with his physical and mental aspects. A person may follow any of the exercise which makes him discipline. Many youngster’s  buzz towards fitness centres nowadays  to build body  which is good symbol of good habits.

 A Person must have assertiveness towards his success and goals to be reached in his life . Many obstacles may be there in our views and ideas in the society we face , yet who come across the obstacles become famous dignitaries in the world.  We all know about Mc Mary Kom , Boxer who won six world championships in women’s flyweight. She has been ranked as fourth member in the AIBA World’s ranking of women flyweight. She was at first discouraged even by his family , but by breaking the  obstacles emerged as a women boxer. She is the only women who have participated Olympic games continuously  and  won medals at six world championships.

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Here are some suggestions for you to be  “Smart-alecky” :

1) Have buoyant ideas about you personally and have a superstitious belief on   your victory  to be attained. I place this as first because mind is the ‘Processing unit’ of our body.

2) Have  proper  diet to maintain  healthy  physic , as sound body paves sound mind. Avoid drinking and smoking.

3)  Inner critic of you must be positive and work towards  to convince the instinct  in an optimistic manner.

4) Get up early in  the morning and  practice exercises , because the  fresh breeze in the morning makes the whole day  fresh and energetic.

5)  Periodically self-esteem yourself and upgrade your knowledge on trending topics, which makes to keep your dignity among the crowd.

6) Take critics as a chance to know your deficit skills and strengthen your knowledge in various journals.

7) Stay cool and cheerful even at hectic circumstances, as only when we are patient innovative ideas hit our minds.

8) Have an optimistic society around you , don’t  get closer to persons who always criticize your ideas.

9) To become self- confident the communication plays vital role . Hence spend at least five minutes of your daily life by speaking  English about your positives and dignitaries in front of the mirror . You are the only soul to whom your mind will not be fearful.

10) Avoid  criticising  others  because it may in turn let you criticised and lower your egotistical way.

 I  have shared my personal views and ideas which may help in building you up as fire-eating person… Hoping to emerge as “Gutsy” person…..


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