Things, US Leaders Are Bounded To Do As A President

Getting carried away with the headline, it is an effort to telescope the life of one of the most powerful personality in the globe. The president of United states. It is quite wondering fact that the most powerful person is caged in certain cases.
Let us have a more detailed look

• 1 Using smart phone
Well actually, the renowned US president uses a secure, encrypted device probably can’t even take photos or play music.

• 2 Driving car
Of course president is prohibited to drive his vehicle on an open road. A hard time to shift gears and burn roads.

• 3 Same Sex marriage
Yeah, same sex marriage is constitutional and president cannot really change it.

• 4 Carrying football along
Oh ! Its the briefcase that president has to carry anywhere and everywhere but its actual contents are unknown.

• 5 Expenses – not in pocket
Yep the presidents can’t accept any sort of expensive gifts from other world leaders. They are the national archives pretty soon.

• 6 War and peace
Only the congress of the US govt can declare a war, even if the designation of President is required.

• 7 outlawing student loan
Unfortunately president can’t outlaw the student loans.

• 8 high tech security
The security of the most powerful person is a supreme concern. So he isn’t allowed to walk alone in public.

• 9 Rewrite the rights
The amendment in constitution is only done once and goes through majority of elected representatives in federal and state level.

• 10 Less salary
president is not allowed to earn even a Buck except his govt salary. His investments are withdrawn at his retirement.

Hope the facts were quite amusing and a lot interesting. The laws and rules abide everyone. It can be broken but it can’t be relinquished completely whether he is a common man or the first person of the greatest nation.

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