The Truth Inside The Post-mortem Room, This Will Take Your Breath Out !

Friends, it is the rule of creation that whatever has come into this world, it will have to go one or the other day. Whether rich or poor, everyone has to sacrifice their body. Today we are going to discuss about the important process to be done after death ie post mortem.

What exactly is the post-mortem format:

Friends, all of you must have heard about the postmortem, but what actually happens in the post-mortem room is that nobody has seen it. Babubhai Sitapara Vaghela of Ahmedabad who has been working postmortem for the last several years, let’s try to know from his experiences that how the post-mortem format really is.

Babubhai Vaghela has written in his diary that in his life he has done post-mortem of such corpses, which can be seen only by the common man by getting stuck and falling. Describing an incident in the Pedak area near Rajkot, he says that he had to do post mortem of a corpse which had died eight days earlier. There were insects all over the head cut off from the head. This was the first creepy experience of Babubhai’s life. After so many days they did not even eat food.

Explaining about the luxury bus and a mini bus accident in Ahmedabad, he wrote that in that accident, the bus was killed at the place of eighteen people in the bus. When these eighteen bodies were handed over to Babubhai for postmortem, then they were nervous after seeing so many corpses together.

Since there was a lack of space in the post-mortem room, all the dead bodies were kept in the post mortem yard and their postmortem was done right there. Babubhai explains that the worst happens to him when a young child is stabbing and hammer. Babubhai’s father and grandfather were also involved in this work. He has told many such horrific truths related to the post-mortem.


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