The Top 10 Mysterious Places In India

India is deep in terms of mysteries. If you travel to India to explore new places, you will be addicted to exploring more and more places. You will develop a deep feeling towards the mysterious places of India discovering and exploring them and never want to return to your place.

In India, each and every place is connected with number of mysteries over the centuries. Tourist places in India will amaze you by the mysteries connected with it because these places are memorable, epic, historical, mythological and mysterious.

India comes top in the world to have various mysterious places of the world. These mysterious places have their roots in the history. Most of these places are of ancient times. They are creepy, horrifying and paranormal.
Top 10 mysterious places in India are mentioned below. Visiting these places will give you your own experience and thinking towards these places which could never be explained to anyone.

1. Khooni Nadi (a river that sucks people in it):-

Khooni Nadi is one of the most dangerous places in India. It is also called ‘bloody river’. There are number of incidents regarding this place. People are sucked inside the water of this river and are never found or seen again. Even if you do not believe in the paranormal activities, you won’t wanna go in this river for a swim. The bodies of the people sucked in this river have never been recovered. This river is a part of unsolved mysteries of India and hence included in top 10 mysterious places of India.

2. The abandoned village of Kuldhara (Rajasthan):-
Historical places are one of the most fascinating places found in India. This region have ruins of the place in history. Historical places can be explored by camping there. Paranormal activities have been found surrounding Kuldhara. Paranormal activities have a historical connection where the Paliwals Brahmans left this place in the night all of a sudden never to be seen again cursing this place. Since that time, this place has never been re-inhabit by anyone.

3. Shettihalli (A drowning church):-

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Shettihalli is often referred as Floating Church and Drowning Church due to rise and fall of waters around it. It was abandoned in the 1960s. Shettihalli may not be most secret place in India, but it can be considered one of the most mysterious places in India to visit. You can visit this place in monsoon by a boat.

4. Dumas beach (Gujarat):-
Dumas beach in Gujarat is not a place to relax in the sun. Many haunting experiences have been reported by the people walking on this beach. Hearing whispers and noticing no one around will make you sick! Many missing reports have also been reported at Dumas beach.

5. Shetpal – (The village that Slithers):-

Shetpal in Maharashtra has a village that slithers. Many people worship snake since ancient times. This place is well known for the harmonious relationship between snakes and the people. The people in this village have formed a great bond with snakes and hence it makes this place mysterious.

6. Mysterious amount of Twins – (Kodinhi):-
It is one of the most mysterious and strangest place of South India. It is so mysterious that it was once investigated by an international science team. This village has more than 500 twinned siblings and no logical reason of this fact is found yet.

7. Jamali – Kamali Masjid (Delhi):-
Jamali – Kamali masjid in Delhi is a mosque and a tomb which is easy to get and free to visit. But what makes it less easy is the haunted atmosphere of that place. There are many reports of noises and unrecognized movements.

8. The Ganges:-

The Ganges have really a deep mystery. It is one of the most sacred places of India. Many Indians visit Varanasi as a part of pilgrimage. Walking along the banks of river, watching nature, enjoying the cremations and ceremonies that take place here. Many stories about reaching Nirvana and spiritual life can be heard here. This place can truly help you to become a spiritual person.

9. Alwar – (One of the most haunted place):-
There are number of forts in and around Alwar that are reported as haunted. Bhangarh fort here is considered to be ‘The Most Haunted Place in India’. The mystery of this place could not be explained in words since it is connected to history. You can visit these places in the morning according to the time fixed by the Government since it is unsafe to visit these places after dark.

10. Jatinga (Mass bird suicide):-
The story of mass bird suicide is very mysterious. Mass bird suicide takes place every year in Jatinga, Assam between September and November. Many scientists tried to explore the exact reason behind it, but the perfect reason is not yet found.

You can visit this place yourself between this period if you are intense to see what exactly happens. When the sun begins to set, hundreds of birds from the sky start falling down to the ground. Local people here believes that it is some evil spirit behind this.

These were the top 10 mysterious places in India. I bet that you got freaked and intense explore these mysterious places in India.

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