The 7 Habits of Every Happy People

Are you jittery  and feeling restless at your life?  Hereby you may enter  into a chirpy  life  with your family and society you face in routine. Everyone are buzzing towards money , dignity and so many things as they are required . We are ruled by our society at our present state. At ancient times in India the people were happy and  connected to the habitual as far as possible.  Due to globalization , technologies and communications have developed which have paved the way for jittery life of human beings. The researches have revealed that younger minds are at great stress than old age groups .The younger minds who work under multi- national concerns are under great stresses due to lack of sleep, exercises, healthy diet, good habits. Generally the present scenario is the human beings suffer higher levels of  radiations  received from network towers and satellites. This is the fact that is why the birds and insects are in the verge of extinction.  Could anyone believe the fact that a  green hopper  can make a trip to Africa from India and return within three months? Yes it’s true . But nowadays, due to the radiations they have become extinct. At ancient times people would raise up in the morning by telling the holy mantras and god’s name. At present all are waking up and having a glance at our mobiles for any messages and calls in whatsapp , mails and twitter. If anyone asked  us what would you do without mobile, television and internet ? What would be the most reply ? We reply that I will wander somewhere are chat with friends. But our grandparents answer would be reading books, writing articles and poems, practicing any of the arts. At present circumstances we have no other operations than mobiles, television and internet, moreover we are inclined for these things. We have less affinity towards our relations and habitual. Our dieting and bad habits have paved way to be in jittery situation . We lack in time to spend our views and ideas with family , friends circles. A person who is chirpy is loved by everyone in the society . Often we may notify personalities without any goals and money to be happier in life than us , it’s nothing but their satisfied thought about the living life. Do anyone of us give the assured life of tomorrow for me? If you give me I offer you my pound of flesh as of Sherlock ….  Be patient to the people you come across life, think every day that you are living the last day of your life and make the habitual before you cheer.

I offer some ideas to provoke your chirpy life :

  • Have a satisfactory thought of your own life and be satisfied about your needs. Look the poorer for your thirst of money and satisfy the thought of fetching money. Be satisfied with the money for your routine expenses and save enough money for future expenses that can be made by your efforts.
  • Take only an hour to use mobile , television in a day and the rest should be spent as valuable time to upgrade your skills. Avoid maintaining secrets to your colleague and family members , as it paves way to lead conscientious life 24*7.
  • Think about the offerings given by the almighty to you and thank everyday at least once to the god for your life without any physical challenges.
  • Have proper diet, healthy habits, rise up early in the morning , energise yourself at morning time and make these as routine habits.
  • Live every day as it is going to be the last day of the world, as nobody can give assurance about tomorrow . You should enjoy every moment of life and upgrade you as dignitary.
  • Reason out your instinct before pointing out mistakes and wordings before putting it to others. Treat every human to be your beloved one and family members. People are like mirror who always reflects the things you give it to them. So we should be chirpy and affectionate to the society we live in.
  • Our happiness is procurator and changes according to the age we are living . So we should make our instinct happy and control over the desires.

I believe that my suggestions make you to lead a chirpy life …  Have a roseate life ahead………


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