Thane: Girl Killed Her Father Stabbing Knife, Trying To Rape Her

The case of Maharashtra’s Thane – A minor girl whos age is 17 years, killed her father in the defence of getting raped. Drunk father tried to rape his girl being alone at home. Her father trying to rape her, girl in the defence had to kill her father with a knife. Cases of rape in India is getting worse day after day and the recent incident is of Maharashtra’s Thane.

Minor girl in Maharasthra’s Thane in order to save herself from getting raped, killed her father stabbing knife. Father and daughter being alone at home, father tried to molest his girl and rape her. Somehow girl tried to get away from this situation. But when her father forcibly tried to rape her, this 17 years old girl took a knife and killed her father. Getting injured from knife’s stabbing, he was admitted into the hospital.

Police filed a complaint that ‘A father tried to rape his minor girl aged 17 years being alone at home. To save herself from getting raped, in her protection girl killed her father’ – Thane, Maharasthra. This complaint was taken into consideration immediately and police started the action.

Getting discharged from hospital, Police immediately arrested her father. Police gave a statement that 48 years old criminal had divorce with his wife 2 years back. Getting divorced with his wife, he stayed alone at his house and his girl stayed with her Maternal Grandmother. But 2 months back, girl’s Maternal Grandmother passed away, and so she started staying with her father.

Her father tortured her a lot from the very beginning. But her father got in the criminal act by trying to rape his own minor girl on Wednesday. According to the statement given by the girl, her father grabbed her forcibly on the bed while she was asleep at night on Wednesday. She also added that grabbing her forcibly he tried to rape her, so in order to protect herself, she killed her father with knife. According to the girl, her father was a drunker and has also tried to molest her many times before this

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