Supreme Court Changed His Order To Play National Anthem In Theaters

The Supreme Court has modified its order on playing of National Anthem in cinema halls.
Previously, playing National Anthem at movie halls was mandatory, that raised a countrywide debate.

The suggestion was made by the central government and the Supreme Court accepted it on Tuesday. As the order passed by the court on 30 November, 2016 it mandates the playing of National Anthem in cinemas before film starts.

It was said, it must be observed that people watch movies at cinema halls for entertainment and they shouldn’t be forced to carry patriotism with them. Justice Chandrachud added, if a person doesn’t stand for the National Anthem it doesn’t mean he/she is ‘less patriotic’ or ‘non patriotic’.

It was on 23 October when KK Venugopal quoted that India is a diverse country and the National Anthem need to be played in cinema halls to promote uniformity. Lok Sabha MP Asaduddin Owaisi added that he was always against the policy to play the National Anthem in cinema halls. “One must be respectful towards National Anthem but there is a place and time to play it. It must only be done on occasions to national importance”. Said Owaisi.

Supreme court has decided to form a inter-ministerial committee that would lead by an additional secretary of Home Affairs with members from other ministries that’ll the ministries of Defence, External Affairs, Woman and child development, Information and Broadcasting and Culture.

There are a lot of issues to the National Anthem that the committee has to check and then they will be given 6 months after its formation and by the time they must submit their recommendations and based on that, Central government will come with the required notifications or changes in the regard.

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