Skidding off runway, Passenger plane got stuck on a cliff edge | Video went viral

Passenger plane skidded off a runway and felt near black sea in north Turkey.

The plane was landing at Trabzon Airport. After skidding off a runway, the Pegasus Airlines jet avoided diving into the sea when it came to a stop on a mud bank. It had nearly 162 passengers, 2 pilots and 4 crew members.

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Around 162 passengers and six crew members were on board the Boeing 737-800 during that time. This incident took place on Saturday at Trabzon airport.

According to the statement of Pegasus, the aircraft had been successfully discharged and no injuries were reported.

According to one of the passengers named Fatma Gordu, there was great panic on the flight after the crash. They had to stay for 20 minutes inside the plane seeking for help. There was shouting and screaming of the people as soon as it landed. – “We tilted to the side, the front is down, the rear of the plane is up.”

According to one of the passengers – “Plane could have caught fire, or could have plunged into the sea. It was God’s grace that the plane did not plunge into the sea.”

According to the Trabzon governor, the authorities had not yet confirmed what had actually caused the plane to skid from the runway. The airport was reported closed to traffic while the runway was inspected. It reopened on the Sunday morning.

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