Skechers – A US footwear brand drags Flipkart to the Court

So this is not for the first time that an Indian e-commerce brand has been noticed selling fake products online. Ever since the foundation of E-commerce business in India, selling of fake, copy and counterfeit products has grown terribly.

Skechers – A brand of lifestyle and footwear is the second largest athletic footwear brand in US. Skechers has taken Flipkart to the court after examining that fraudulent products on the name of it’s brand have been sold.

Examining brought to the result that such fraudulent sellers have sold over 15000 pairs of fake footwear online naming them ‘Original Skechers’.

Police had already executed several raids at warehouses in Delhi as well as Ahmedabad to the sellers which carry out fake merchandise.

Flipkart spokesperson on this said that they act as an middleman / intermediary between sellers and buyers. It helps the sellers to connect with customers around the country. It conducts business with highest standards of protocols and are fully compliant with rules and company guidelines. He also added that being a responsible company, they have various checks and assurity policy to eradicate fake products and sellers. They have a zero tolerance policy in the cases where sellers violate customers in terms of guidelines and rules.

Flipkart is a major E-commerce platform in India which is now in a very fresh trouble. Skechers also included other sellers such as Retail Net, Unichem Logistics, Tech Connect and Marco Wagon in this matter.

According to the petition given in Delhi High Court, Skechers conveyed that yet many raids will be conducted to the warehouses of these fake merchandise. Skechers will take all the steps to protect the name of it’s brand and safegaurd copyright and intellectual property.

“Now all E-commerce brands will have to keep tighter protocols and entry to control the structure of sellers and merchandise to ensure the customers for the originality of the brand. This will help to minimize such incidents. Also, these measures will deal the E-commerce structure the way it is dealt in developed nations of the world”


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