India Before Independence

स्वतंत्रता से पहले का भारत ऐसा था

Before Independence the land defined by name India was ruled by the Britishers,but before the land has been occupied by civilisation since ancient times that may date back to 5000years or more.

This ancient land was populated by people of great knowledge.This can be deduced from the ancient knowledge of astronomy,astrology,the different vedas.One can read them to realise that they contain extraordinary knowledge for that time.Long before it was propounded in the west that the earth is round and not flat,it was a accepted fact in Indian knowledge that earth is round and that it rotates arround the sun.The panchangs are replete with calculations which take into account the orbital,spatial movement ,relative movement of the planets.Arround in the year 326bc the Maurya This was India upto the 12th century when the Indian Mathematician invented zero.This zero makes all the computation by the computers possible.India is generally occupied by thinkers who are comparatively gentle.But around the same time the Indian society saw raise of cast system this was a great contribution for the down fall of the Indian society.This is because this system debarred the participation in the countrys growth for a large part of population.May be this weakened the vitality of the country at that time.

Earlier in the 321bc the Mauryan empire stretched to cover Afganisthan,upto and entire India.
Close to the 12th century India saw the invasion by the Mangols led by Genghis Khan.They were ruthless and had better bows which were shorter and powerful then the long ones.There after it were the pathans Pastuns Moguls from the north west ,from 1614 to 1818 much of the central India was under the Maratha empire and then the Britishers till the mid 20th century.

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