How To Wake Up Early Morning And Why

Still you are being a lotus-eater in this racy world ? Do you think to somehow rise up early in the morning and use your mobile alarms ? If you are a sound sleeper then how the sound of alarms may hear, it would hear as music help you to sleep better….I synopsize the benefits of early rising .

  • Early risers have ample time to look after the health. They take proper diet at least in the morning time.
  • They exercise every day and burn waste calories of the body which make them fit and look good.
  • They feel the chirpy time in  the morning with environment around them and can be connected with the  nature , pets by feeling the fresh breeze.
  • They may spend some time with family members and has the probability of maintaining work-life balance.
  • The persons sleeping quality will be improved when they rise up early. As when the person thinks to get up early in the morning , he goes to sleep at right time . An ‘internal clock’ is setup for the persons who rise up early in the morning they will rise up after 6 or seven hours of sleep.
  • Early risers have better mental health and would possess jitters free mind.
  • They will be productive and posses buoyant ideas to upgrade their skills.
  • These people posses better grades as they have the habit of preparing for their exams with fresh breeze.

 I give you some snaps and facts which helps you to be “Johnny on the spot”…

1 ) Drink two glasses of water before you go to sleep :

A sound sleeper can let away his alarms and calls by the mobiles , alarm clocks. Every human must attend the  call of nature , So you would rise up in the early morning . Human could not  hold the pee for more than 6-7 hours. Hence you would get up early in the morning. If you are comfortable with drinking milk , take a glass of milk and a glass of water.

2 ) Have smell of henna leaves before sleep :

The jittery  mind does not sleep and keep on thinking about the solutions for the problems in life.  They have disturbed sleep and would have half eye open all the night. Henna leaves have been medicinally proved in siddha  to bring out sleep for stressed people. Just you may take two or three leaves and smell it for a minute .

3 ) Assign a good cause for rising up :

Human minds will be ready to work on their field of success at any time . Hence assign a productive work at your stream , so that you could  not avoid it on any circumstances. The work you perform in the early morning will be efficient and reach your mind instantly. In Hinduism the morning time period of 4.00 am- 6.00 am is believed to be ‘Bhrama muhurtham’ which means the  top-level energy of the entire day lies in it. If you are a student have a glance at the subjects and others may have a walk or exercise with  colleagues.

4 ) Practice a shower before sleep :

A  shower of cold water gives you freshness and sleep at night. Some may prefer hot water due to health conditions . But  I assure the sound sleep after a shower  in the night . The shower must be before your dinner ,  as bathing helps digestion .

5 ) Get out from bed once your eye has opened :

However your mind may ask you for extension of sleep for 5 more minutes… Hence as soon as your eye opens get away from bed . Gradually  increase your wake up timings at time period of fifteen minutes.

It’s time for to become Johnny on the  spot and enjoy the benefits of early riser………..

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