How To Make Your Lips Look Sexy

Lips are one of the most vital and attractive feature in one’s face. they signify the beauty of an individual. May it be any shape or color, sexy lips increases one’s beauty. So here are some ways to make your lips look sexier:


Exfoliation is very important factor to keep your lips smooth and give your lips a natural plump on which lipstick looks more attractive. lips generally begins to flake as they have very delicate skin. For remedy of your cracked and flaked up skin of the lips, here’s a simple remedy for you. No need to go to expensive parlours. here’s a tip for you:

* Mix one tablespoon of sugar along with honey.
* Dab your lips with lukewarm water.
* Scrub your lips with solution made in a circular motion.
* Wash your lips.

Condition with balm

Moisturization is a major factor to your gorgeous lips. Lip conditioning should be in your top priority in your lip care routine.
Your lips have an exposure to all kinds of substances that dry them and flake them off. You must protect your lips by using a good moisturizing lip balm to provide a thin barrier between your lips and normal exposure.

* choose balm that consist of natural substances. moisturize your lips with balm that include coconut oil or butter, shea butter, and vitamin E oil.
* To make your own balm, Mix 2 tablespoons coconut oil and 1 tablespoon beeswax. You can add your favourite essential oil to the mixture. Pour this mixture to a container and cool it before using.

Protect lips from sun exposure

Our lips have very less amount of melanin, therefore they don’t have any defence against harmful uv sunlight, thus its very essential to protect our lips with sun screen at times to protect them from harmful sun rays.

* Use sunscreen whenever you go out in sunlight.
* Use umbrella under direct sunlight.

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