Hard To Forget The 26/11 Mumbai Attacks

It has been over 9 years since India has faced one of its worst terrorist attacks. Let us not forget the harder to forget 26/11 Mumbai attacks. For 4 long days, there was a complete horror among the lives of Mumbai during those attacks.

Though the lives of Mumbai had moved on, the scars of the attacks can still be felt!

The 26/11 attacks which killed over 164 innocent lives of people, damaged various places and left the entire nation in countless fear. The shooting and bombing lasted 4 long days from 26/11 to 29/11 of 2008.

On a normal Wednesday morning, the guests and staff of the iconic Taj Hotel experienced a very unusual incident.

The CCTV footage from the Taj and Oberoi felt like watching a violent video game. The only difference between them was that these were real lives that were being killed pitilessly.

Terrorists walking freely inside, around and outside the hotel, throwing grenades, killing people and disturbing the entire nation. Every nook and corner of the nation was aware of the incident and the entire media covered the only topic ‘Mumbai Terror Attacks’. Every life in India united and prayed for the country.

The terror and fear of those 4 nights still lasts to continue among the people who lost their loved ones, who survived during the incident and whose life was changed just after those 4 terrific days.

The entire nation felt miserable during the incident. The entire nation was terrified. India stood united against the terror and the terrorists. Life in Mumbai changed after those 4 days. Everyone says that the city had moved on, but this incident is harder to forget.

Before, Mumbai had faced 1993 blasts and 2006 train blasts. But the terror attacks of 26/11 are still having scars over the country.

It is harder to forget for Mumbai. It is harder to forget for the country.

Every silent prayer from each and every heart of the nation held us strong together. We can not be broken, our spirit can not be shattered and our courage can never go down.

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