Founder Of The Well-known Rum Old Monk Dies At 88 | Have a look at his life

The founder of the well-known rum ‘Old Monk’, Kapil Mohan dies at 88. He was unhealthy from a long time. He was chairman of Mohan Meakin. Kapil Mohan being a part of Army and Brigadier retired.

Kapil Mohan received Padma Shri award in 2010. According to the reports, the reason behind the death of Kapil Mohan is cardiac arrest. Besides producing rum, his company produces various other drinks too.

Old Monk was first introduced in 1954

Kapil Mohan launched Old Monk rum in 1954. Just after its launch, became famous not only in India, but also over many countries of the world. Soon Old Monk became the world’s best seller rum. It became world’s best seller rum because it’s pricing was done low and people loved its taste. His company decided to work on some other fields too such as glass factory, fruit juice products, snacks and cold storage services. But none of them became popular as Old Monk.

Kapil Mohan’s Old Monk continued to serve India its most easily accessible and beloved alcohol for more than 40 years. Old Monk was generally combined with Coca Cola and referred to as ‘Rum and Coke’. It is one of the most popular choices of people trying to keep the menacing cold of Delhi at bay. Rum and Coke, combined with spicy snacks and a bonfire is also one of the most popular ways to pass dry winter nights.

Old Monk was popular for many years, later after Kapil Mohan was pushed to take control of Mohan Meakin, the makers of the beloved rum. Later he passed on the reins of the company to his nephews Hemant and Vinay a year ago. Kapil Mohan was a very spiritual man.

He followed the traditional ways of preparing liquor. He was the reason behind the consistency of taste and flavor of Old Monk.

Once in the year 2015, rumors were spread Once in the year 2015, rumors were spread on the internet that Old Monk’s sale will be discontinued soon. These rumors became viral on the internet and became ‘trending’ on twitter. Many people started tweeting regarding this. Then, Kapil Mohan made it clear that Old Monk’s sale is not going to be discontinued. After this incident, Old Monk’s sales were very high.


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