Five Big Cases Of Cyber Crime Remains Headlines Last Year

Number of cases of cyber crime were revealed in the year 2017, but some of them remained spotlight. These cases not only surprised the country, but also gave new information about cyber crime to the people. Even police were surprised to know these cyber crime cases. So to be aware, alert and safe, you might know these 5 cyber crime cases.

37 Billion Online Fraud

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UP STF disclosed the huge case of online leak of 37 billion in the name of social trading, in Noida, on February 2017. STF firstly arrested 3 people including Mittal, the real gangster of the racket. Additionally, the company’s bank account was also stipulated by STF which had a deposot of around five hundred crores. Company was named ‘Ableaz Info Solutions Private Limited’ in Noida Sector 63. This company collected Rs 3700 Crores in the name of investment from 7 Lakh people under a Ponzi scheme. Company also created a website ‘’. Visitors or customers had to deposit Rs 5750 – Rs 57500 in company’s bank account through the portal. Every member of the portal used to get Rs 5 per every click. Bank managers and many others have also been arrested in this case.

Salman got cheated in Foreign Dogs

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Salman Khurshid, a senior Congress leader, got cheated from a website which mentioned to sell Malta’s puppies. He got scammed of Rs 59000 after which, The Economic Offenses Wing of Delhi Police started investigating the matter lodging FIR on 2nd March, 2017. Salman got to know about sale of puppies through an online web portal in which it was advertised as Rs 12000. Salman contacted Tony Wallace named person through email, who claimed to be a native of Kerela, and also sent Rs 59000 online to.

Commenting on PM and CM

In meerut, during June 2017, a man was arrested for commenting offensive words on Prime Minister ‘Narendra Modi’ and UP’s Chief Minister ‘Yogi Adityanath’. The man was found sending whatsapp message in which he commented offensive words on Modi and Yogi regarding animal hunting/killing rights. Sonu was arrested from his house and case was filed against him. BJP workers protested against this in Meerut. This was 3rd such case in Meerut. On saturday, in Civil Line area, a case was filed when a person posted some offensive objectionable post regarding Yogi Adityanath on social media. On friday, in Khatauli village, similar case was filed against some other person.

196 million Rupees missing from E-wallets

In September 2017, a case was filed for missing millions of Rupees from digital wallet company. The huge amount of 19 crores and 60 lakh rupees was cleared from company’s account. The fraud took place during 3 months. As soon as company noticed the missing money from the account, it immediately filed a case to the police. By initial investigation, it was found that this amount was not transferred to a single or double accounts, but to 6000 accounts. It was necessary for police to know whether it is an online fraud or some technical fault in the company’s system. Right now, police has seized around 100 to 120 accounts. Also, a person was found in whose account, around 2 crores Rupees were transferred. Police is currently working to solve this issue.

Crazy Sumit used to kiss girls openly

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A person was arrested who used to harrase girls in the name of prank video by Delhi police. This crazy minded youngster had a channel named ‘Crazy Sumit’ on youtube. This channel which was also operated by 2 people and another one also brought in this matter by police. Both Sumit and other one are students of BCA course. DC prank is the youtube channel of Satyajit, while Sumit has ‘Crazy Sumit’ named channel and page both. Sumit’s video got viral by which he was brought to the notice. He harrased girls and even used to run after kissing girls. After video went viral, he was arrested for this. Investigating this matter, it was found that these girls were also members of their group.

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