Emilia Clarke Disrobing Yet Again

Few actresses in the history of television or movies have ever attracted as much attention for their nude scenes as Emilia Clarke. The Game of Thrones star repeatedly took off her clothes during the early seasons of HBO’s hit show. Then, she abruptly stopped, leaving many fans with the impression that she may never disrobe again.

Emilia Clarke was naked quite a bit during her early tenure on Game of Thrones before working in a clause to quit the nude scenes. However, recently, she ditched her no-nudity clause in her contract and opted to get naked for an important Season 6 scene. Recently, she explained why she ultimately opted to do the scene instead of stick with the costumes she’s kept on for the last few seasons. She insists she was right to make the drastic U-turn and said it was “empowering” when Daenerys — the Mother of Dragons — walked through an inferno to emerge naked.

She also told that the alcohol left in her dressing room by the show’s creators worked wonders in making her feel comfortable enough to disrobe.
Emilia, 29, said: “It was just a wonderful, strong moment I wanted to own, a real empowering, girl-power wow scene.
“I was so thrilled with it. It’s not a sexy scene, she’s not naked for no reason, it’s not gratuitous. She’s naked because she’s just destroyed her enemies in this almighty blaze after they underestimated her.

Emilia was said to have been furious after her former Thrones co-star Oona Chaplin, who played Talisa Stark, claimed Emilia had refused to strip for the drama, allegedly insisting: “I want to be known for my acting, not for my breasts.”
Emilia has said: “I don’t want to have sex thrown in my face and I’ve always thought the suggestion is so much more titillating than the act itself.”
But now she has sought to set the record straight, saying: “If a nude scene forwards a story or is shot in a way that adds insight into characters, I’m perfectly fine with it.
“Sometimes explicit scenes are required and make sense for the characters or story, as they do in Westeros. If it’s gratuitous then I will discuss with a director on how to make it subtle.”

Due to her Game of Thrones role, she has made quite a name for herself in the movie industry. She was offered the role of Anastasia Steele in Fifty Shades of Grey but turned down the part because of the nudity required. She played Sarah Connor in Terminator Genesis (2015), opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jai Courtney, and Jason Clarke. She also stars in the movie adaption of the best seller book (of the same name), Me Before You, set for release on 3 June 2016, as one of the main characters, Louisa Clark. She was also named Esquire’s Sexiest Woman Alive in 2015.


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