China Angry On India’s Tight Security At The Border, Advised India To Stay Moderate

National Security Advisor of India, Ajit Doval is meeting Yang Jiechi who is China’s State Councillor to discuss ways to maintain peace along 4000 kms of border between India – China border.

China is angry on India’s tight security at the border. Also advised India to stay moderate in this matter. Pointing towards deadlock in the Daulat, on thursday, Chinese military advised India and said that India should strictly try to control it’s army. China wants some agreement to be followed to maintain peace and stability on the border. Chinese Defence spokesperson Colonel Ren Guoqiang said that in this year, Chinese army has managed to solve most of the issues by agreements, and dispute to Dokalm was one of them.

Adding he also said that in order to protect the inrerests of the national security and sovereignty, Chinese army got a great success. Responding to some certain questions, Ren said that issue of Doklam and similar issues were dealt very carefully and properly from the Chinese army side. Also, China had managed to maintain the national interests of the nation towards South China Sea. The day previous to this incident, China also requested India to maintain peace on the India – Pakistan border.

Recently, Indian army commanders carried out firing and killed 3 Pakistani soldiers on the Line of Control. Speaking on this, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Hu Chunying said that they have seen report in the reference to that context. “Being friends of both India and Pakistan, we hope that efforts must be regularly made to solve this issues and consultations in order to maintain peace and stability in South Asia,” Hu Chunying added.

The recent Doklam issue was already discussed between Sushma Swaraj, the External Affairs Minister of India and Wang Yi from China when he visited India in the previous month. Both the sides are concerned for the peace between the countries and consider each others’ sensitivities.

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