According To Zodiac Signs, Donating These Things May Bring You Death

Donating anything is a good act according to the mankind. It is really a good practice of being a good person. But according to the astrologers, it is really necessary to consider some points before donating anything. Actually the moment of planets has a great effect on individual in Indian astrology. So donating on basis of it, sometimes turns out wrong for you.

So to understand everything first of all you must always donate without any kind of publicity. You must also know the situation of the planetary effects before donating to know which situation is ideal for donation. The things which are related to the planet which is having greatest effect in your horoscope must never be donated by you in your life. Donating is really a good deed in life.

Many people have a habit of donating and doing charity work in life. But somehow, there must be some considerations of horoscope and zodiac signs in your life before you donate things to anyone. Some things according to your zodiac sign and horoscope can bring negative effects in your life. Indian astrology is totally based upon planetary motions and effects of it on individuals’ life. These below mentioned things must never be donated by an individual according to his/her zodiac sign.

Mesh Rashi (Aries):

For Mesh Rashi, Mangal (मंगल) planet is considered to be lord. Individuals with Mesh Rashi must avoid donating sesame and black colored flowers. Also, red colored clothings, white colored things including electronics must be avoided.

Vrushabh Rashi (Tuarus):

For Vrishabh Rashi, Planet Shukra (शुक्) is considered to be lord. Individuals with Vrishabh Rashi must avoid donating cream, blue and green colored clothings, ghee, curd, footwear and makeup materials.

Mithun Rashi (Gemini):

For Mithun Rashi, Planet Buddha (बुध) is considered to be lord. Individuals with Mithun Rashi must avoid donating green, white and yellow colored clothings, gems, diamonds, water, milk, holy items and holy books.

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