A Small Prescription For Life

Tired  of  hearing about exhortations ? Yet there are some things which you should not perform in your life. I feel felicitous that you are patient enough to have advices for  having  happy life style.   You may have many articles relating to the procedures and suggestions relating to the things you should perform to lead roseate life. But there are only few contents related to don’ts. Leading a chirpy life does not come from the habitual , it lies in the instinct of every human . Many chaos arise due to lack affection from the family and colleague circles.  The fact is our minds relay on caring, kind, lovely persons . Just  think of whether you came with all the  habitual around at the time of your birth … No, nothing  in this world is  enduring  and hence do not adhere to any of the people , pets , things, etc.

Anxious and adventurous about trying suicides ? I am depicting the suicide as consuming alcohols and cigarettes. I accept the fact that it is a medicine but only at the limited allegations .. You may consume it with tonics and tablets , but not  incipiently.  Some are intoxicated to it , I abide  that it may give you happiness instantly . But it will bring the chaotic situation in your health after a period.  Your physic may not support you at  necessary circumstances. Every human being  must have  consumed at least once in his life time , but at the prescribed limits by the physician with the mixture of tonics. Are you daring to consume tablets , tonics , or sodium hydroxide and hydrochloric acid  at full pace ? No , But why it becomes “yes” when it comes to alcohol and  cigarettes. It is just a medicine and chemical. Think about your  home’s  bathroom cleaners and acids before touching the alcohols for consumption . Sure you would not consume it.

Perform actions  which you can share  at least with your close friend  and family members. As maintaining secrets let you tell lies and reveals your untruthfulness to relationships at a point of time .  The  human performing hazardous actions does not reveal anything to the society around him  because  he knows the fact that he may lose his dignitary if it is revealed. You will be at risk  when it is dissipated  and you have to be  a  continuous story teller to the society.

Do you like when your criticised at a public meeting ? Obviously no.. We all are human beings and have a same mind set . Never criticise your  folks  as it breaks  your relationship with him  and  he will be glancing at the chances keenly to criticise you . This may lower you confidence levels. Never criticise anyone not for their sake but for your confidence level.

I synopsize my counsel to you in five snaps :

  • Do not adhere too close to the relationships and indulge in others personals.
  • Do not consume alcohol , cigarettes , drugs.
  • Do not use mobile phones for more than an hour in a day as it reduces your valuable time .
  • Do not maintain secrets which may lead to jittery lifestyle.
  • Do not criticise persons at any cause .

Hope you would have eyeball on these don’ts at your life hereby…….

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