1) Think about a world where the name entertainment wouldn’t exist. Would you survive? I bet on Tahir shah’s song you wouldn’t, because without entertainment this world which we know we think better, would have been a sad and maybe a boring place.

Let us talk about the long journey it has made to keep our tears away (think of entertainment fighting with sadness).From Galli Cricket to the good old video games to the PSP’s and to the mobile games, it has made itself reachable to our comfort zone.

2) It is an industry which has been manufacturing unlimited visual fun for us for decades and it will produce more happiness for us in the future. Well of course it is movies I am talking about! Directors like James Cameroon, Steven Spielberg etc have made our eyes hungry for love and adventure. Movies have changed our lives for good, it has changed the perceptions of many things, be it love or courage or possibility, it has made us know things which we never could have thought about. I don’t think we can be less happy about it because it has made our world Hakuna Matata.


3) When comfort zone has been written and if you are not living under a rock, then you would probably know about Netflix and YouTube, the saviors of our lonely nights and weeping times. Talk about customization and it is served to you by these, because when there is unlimited wifi connection, you will have no unwanted life interruptions (It finally rhymes).

4) How can we forget about songs in this list? Because it has been with us all the time, it has made us feel happy, inspired and loved and sometimes just nothing. It is the main root for those grooves. A good dance performance is because of a good energetic song and if you are a dancer then you must know exactly what I am talking about.

Dancing and singing your heart out has made us feel alive, has made us feel something more which cannot be expressed in words. Because dancing in India is as equal as breathing (Maybe I am bragging a bit)

5) Talk about cell phones and it comes with a full package of movies, songs and everything else you want because phones have journeyed a really long way (I think we would give a standing ovation for it).

6) The mother of all this is the mighty internet. Whole generation revolves around it. It has given us endless possibilities of enjoyment, comedy, humor and amusement. Though it comes with a price, I think it’s worth it.

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