24 Year Old Delhi Himanshu Lost His Life After High Speed Racing On Super Bike : Caught On Helmet Cam

Speed Thrills But Kills

As Per IndiaToday News Himanshu And 2 Of His friends Was racing on last Monday evening (16/98/2017) . Acording to police 3 friends including himanshu were riding at very high speed in traffic from connaught place towards mandi house after attending a party . While Himanshu riding a Benelli TNT 600i and one of his friend behind with an action camera mounted to his helmet on other bike captured entire race and accident .

Near to Mandi house station when Himanhu riding his byke and overtaking dangerously with high speed some persion trying to cross the road . And he hits the persion and then everything on video . He lost his life after he hit the sidewalk outside of Lady Irwin College . Its A Spot Death .

“Life Is Too Short , Just Respect It”

News/Image/Video Source : IndiaToday News

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