10 Basic Facts on Homosexuality

समलैंगिकता पर 10 मूलभूत तथ्य

What is Homosexuality? Homosexuality is a kind of romantic attraction or you can say that it is a sexual attraction or sexual behavior. It is usually between the members of the same sex or gender. It is reckoned as an enduring pattern of romantic, emotional, or other sexual and interesting attractions. It is basically one of the three main categories of the sexual orientation which has been derived from the term, ‘heterosexual’- homosexual continuum. Do you have also some sexual desires or fantasies? Have you ever felt some kind of sexual interests with the same gender? If yes, then obviously, you must be aware of the believed facts and myths upon the homosexuality. What are such facts? Let’s have a look at the 10 facts on homosexuality-

  • 10 percent of the population is homosexual- You may won’t believe the fact that about 10% of the entire population is homosexual. It has been made very clear with numerous expert researches being conducted so as to judge this fact.
  • Gay men (Homosexual men) desire to dress and act like women- It is one of the most common facts about the homosexuality that the homosexual men often have a desire to dress or look like exactly as the women. On the contrary, the homosexual women desire to dress or behave like the men. Usually, the men who wear or dress like the women are known as the cross-dressers.
  • Gay couples are financially richer than straight couples- Numerous surveys have been conducted and it has been found that the gay couples or the homosexual couples are financially richer than the normal and usual couples. According to the conducted surveys, about 8% of gay men and 15% of lesbians are already been engaged in the same.
  • Stress in the early stages of pregnancy can result in homosexual child- various different researchers have shown and made it very clear that taking stress in the earliest stages of pregnancy can result in the homosexual child. having stress at the time of pregnancy can make a woman to release the adrenalin related hormone into the bloodstream of her own which may also result in an unborn baby.
  • The homosexual men are genetically similar to that of heterosexual men- According to the genetics, the homosexual men are exactly similar to that of the heterosexual men. it has been proven in some of the expert studies.
  • The homosexual parents may not as good as a father or a mother- It has been reckoned as the gay parenting is ok but not so much good as the normal parenting. As homosexuality is not contagious and thus the child being raised by a gay or lesbian
  • Homosexuals are usually abnormal, unhealthy and they are sick- As homosexuals are reckoned as the unnatural borns and thus they may be unhealthy or sick most of the time. They may not seem as healthy as the normal children.
  • Homosexuals can be changed- The homosexuals can obviously make some efforts to change their sexual orientation. Yes, it may be harmful or risky too as it may break a person mentally as well as physically but the hard efforts can change it too.
  • Being gay is unnatural and therefore they are unsuccessful, poor and unhappy- There are the possible chances of a homosexual to be unsuccessful in his/her life, they may be poor too as they are considered to be born unnatural and thus this may be the biggest reason for their unhappiness and poverty.
  • Homosexuality is a different gender-  Genetically, the homosexuals and the heterosexuals are exactly same but still, the homosexuals are considered as the different gender according to the fake rumors.

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